Thursday, January 27, 2011

Three Things About Life - and today

This blog post might be a little lame.  But it is three unrelated thoughts that I want to bring up, but I don't think any of them truly deserve their own blog post.

So here goes:

1) Today is a snow day.  That is the great thing about working and going to school at the same place!  When one is closed, the other is always closed too!  Oh, how I love a good snow day.  Although really, I end up driving more because I have to drive my husband to work on the other side of town, and then go pick him up later.  The University is only a 3 minute drive from our house - haha!  But at least I get to lay in bed and have good intentions of doing lots of things and really never end up doing any of them.   It's a blast!

2) I feel like I need to explain that my apartment has very few windows.  This seems like a kind of weird thing to say, but you need to understand that it affects my pictures.  I am going to try to take lots of pictures of the food I will be making, but a lack of windows in my kitchen makes it challenging lighting-wise.  We only have two small windows in our apartment that lead outside, and one that leads to a garage.  It's pretty much night time all the time in here!

3) I am in the process of applying for graduate schools.  I presently have a BBA and a BA in Communications and I just don't know what to do next!  So if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them! I don't care where the University is - I am open to travelling anywhere!

Okay, that's all.  I am telling myself that I will bake things today, but considering my thought #1, that might be unlikely.  If I do though, I will definitely post about it!


P.S. - The other day I made Delicious Cheddar Puffs (from PW of course).  I was in a rush and was making them for my Bible Study, and so they didn't look as great as PW's, but I got a lot of compliments.  They are fairly simple to make and don't take a lot of time.  I also didn't have room in a freezer to freeze them so I just put them in a fridge.  I didn't get a picture since I was in a rush, but you should try them!

P.P.S. - I am also going to shamelessly promote PW's Cinnamon Toast.  Honestly, try it.  It is the best (tasting) snack in the world.  I used to make the toast using Approach #3, but I will never go back.  It tasted phenomenal the way she makes it!  And is definitely worth the wait!

P.P.P.S - This has become way more than three thoughts.  BUT, my marvelous older sister, Laura has entered a picture of the cutest baby in the world (my nephew) in a contest.  You should vote for her!  The picture with the most likes will win a free photoshoot, and I know she would love it!  If you head on over to Pam McCready Photography on Facebook and add her as a friend, you can vote for Laura's picture.  The picture is of Cameron looking very unimpressed with a New Years hat on!  Also, Pam McCready does great photography.  You should hire her.

That is all for realz this time, homeslices (just joking - I am really not a gangster!)


  1. PW = Pioneer Woman, right? I love her stuff! Enjoy your snow day!

  2. I can speak for the fact that the cheese puffs were delicious! She brought them to Bible Study and they were a hit!

  3. Ok - here are some suggestions for graduate programs:
    #1 - for the latent spy in you....although finding "regional intelligence" might be an issue...hahahahah!
    Strategic Intelligence (Graduate Program)
    For students interested in studying terrorism, espionage, national security, regional intelligence, the war on drugs, and ethnic conflict to determine how these issues fit into larger strategies, this degree program offered by the American Military University in Charles Town, WV, may be up their alley.

    Intended for military and civilian personnel alike, the focus is on counter intelligence, strategic analysis, critical thinking, ethics, terrorism and industrial espionage.

    This one seems good:
    Conflict Transformation (Graduate Program)
    Specific to the Center for Justice and Peace Building at Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, WV, the MA in Conflict Transformation is for students who want to pursue academic studies in peace building. Courses include conflict transformation, restorative justice, trauma healing, community and international development, and organizational leadership.

    Graduates have been said to include 63 Fulbright-supported scholars from 20 different countries many who have gone on to work in embassies, the United Nations and other organizations around the world.

    Check this one out (not a serious contender)
    Or this one:
    Master of Arts in Folklore: If you want to establish your bona fides as a folklorist, this masters program (ms degree) at the University of California at Berkeley will fit the bill. The description for a course on the role of monsters (zombies, cannibals, etc) in folklore contains the following, “This course seeks to investigate our endless fascination with, attraction to, and revulsion at awesome spectacles – displays of the marvelous and the monstrous.
    or this one...
    Master of Gaming and Casino Management: Several schools offer degrees in hospitality management but there aren’t many masters programs and fewer still that offer the gaming and casino specialization. Drexel University offers this degree through its distance learning option. Gaming is actually a rapidly growing industry in the U.S. but the number of real facilities still numbers in the hundreds.
    How about this one:
    Masters in Plant Science – Turfgrass Management: This degree provides the educational underpinning for professional sports field managers, golf course managers, and managers in many other commercial horticultural ventures. The professionals in this business who have drawn the most publicity are the magicians who make football and baseball stadiums useable during and after horrendous weather interludes. The University of Rhode Island and Ohio State University both offer masters degrees with specialization in turfgrass management.
    Or this one:
    Masters in Meat Science: Several universities in the livestock states found in the middle of the country offer this degree – probably a shock and a surprise to the vegans on either coast. Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Colorado State and Iowa State all have graduate programs in meat science, which only becomes a science when the hormones enter the food chain, the preservatives are injected into the packaging process and the e coli bacteria appear in the processing plants.