Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thinner Thursday (or not)

For me, one of the hardest parts about being pregnant has been a lack of self-esteem.  You see, this is the time of year that everyone is losing weight.  And if it were a typical year for me, I would probably be losing weight right about now too.

And because I am not losing weight, and because I am feeling bloated, and frumpy, and just 'large' in general, I am having a really hard time seeing myself as physically attractive, despite a 10 lb weight loss since becoming pregnant (brought about solely by morning sickness!).

Not only am I discouraged that I can't be losing weight right now, I also have this nagging feeling that I have no hope of losing weight again.  I feel like I can never have the body I truly want to have, let alone regain the one I had pre-pregnancy.

And I know that I can still be active and workout but I find myself lacking the motivation to do so when I know that results won't be as easy to see as they used to be.

I also know that I should be eating healthy foods right now but I am not even sure what that should look like during pregnancy.  To add to that, I have always aired on the side of pickiness with my food, and especially now - being pregnant - I find myself just thankful that I feel like eating anything (healthy, or not).

To add to all of this, I am most definitely a plan/goal person.  I want to know that by eating this, and working out by doing that, I will see this result.  I need my goals to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely), and I am really not sure how I could measure healthy goals at this point in time in my life/pregnancy.

As a piece of good news though, my sweet tooth and my deep fried tooth both seemed to have gone into hiding since the beginning of this pregnancy.  I am hoping that they don't rear their ugly heads later on!

What did you do to stay healthy during your pregnancy?  Do you have any advice for a newbie pregnant woman like myself?  How can I still try to feel good about myself as I lose my once-precious barely-there-anyways waistline?

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  1. Ah bear - I always think (know) you're beautiful. You are like me though - a "glass half-empty" kind of person. I know it is hard to feel good about yourself when you don't feel great and are having your sleep interrupted, etc. So - here's to hoping (and praying) that you will start being able to at the very least, eat again (without the "morning sickness")and that you will know that you are lovely, beautiful, wonderful, amazing, inside and out. And that's the truth!

  2. First off, congratulations!!! That is the best news!! : ) Secondly, the fact that you appreciate goals is awesome; I also love SMART goals! This will work in your favor!

    For 9 months, your body will not be yours, and at the same time, it will more yours than you have ever known... ponder this. Because of this transformation, you will become more 'you' than you have ever known as well. Your comments show that you really are woman, and we do think about these things [ok, well, some don't but many of us do]! If you eat well, as in lots of fruit and veggies, to soothe, to hydrate, to regulate, and to nurture your body, [as well as whole grains, lots of water, etc, you know the spiel], it will reward you with moderate weight gain and much better health in the end ... leading to close to [or for some, less than] pre-pregnancy weight and feeling energized when you most need it ...this leading to a toned and ready body. After Mandy was born, I went right back to my pre-weight. After Shan, and with extra exercise, better than before. There is hope!! Don't buy in to the story that pregnancy means always having 'extra' to carry. And it's not just mom had 6 kids, and always went back to her 24" waist. It can be done.

    Again, Congrats... and love every minute!! It's an amazing mystery!! Liette <3 xox

  3. I appreciate your honesty in this post. I think this is how many pregnant women feel--at least I do! I may not get any extra exercise in (unless I brave the sun to go get our mail), but I try to stay fully hydrated, eat somewhat healthy--but still allow some treats, and always eat breakfast. My days just aren't "right" without breakfast. With my last pregnancy, I thought if my body craved it, I needed it. This may be true in some respects, but I'm pretty sure my body did not need a chocolate bar a day plus a bunch of other junk. I would say it's best to maintain some self-control! Remember you are in a new phase of life, and beauty is different than it once was. This is all about discovering the new beauty even though it's not what the magazines write about. Embrace the new growth, and be amazed as your body transforms itself. Your body will be changed, but you will love it again--in a new way.

  4. I have such a sweet tooth during pregnancy! The key for me was to satisfy it with natural things - honey, maple syrup, fruit. Smoothies are great, sweet and cold but you can pack them full of healthy fruits, veggies, yogurt, lotsa good stuff. Drink smoothies and eat homemade soup, because it always has tons of veggies too, and not as much meat as say, eating chicken or steak or something. Helps with water intake too. And don't forget healthy fats, your body needs them now more than ever! Butter, coconut oil, olive oil, whole milk, full-fat yogurt and lots of eggs and egg yolks.
    I remember mourning the loss of my body when I got pregnant with Eli. I was sure I would never be thin again, but I was wrong! I did lose forever any hope of ever looking good in a bikini... stretch marks run in my family and after two pregnancies the ones on my belly are threatening to join the ones on my chest and turn into one giant stretch mark. But hey, bikinis are overrated.
    Interestingly enough, apparently women who have been pregnant are able to get in better shape than before a pregnancy - has to do with the endurance of pregnancy preparing your muscles to work even harder. So don't give up!
    And don't worry too much about the number on the scale (within reason of course!). With Eli I lazed around, ate chocolate bars and gained 40lbs. With Theo I ran around after Eli, ate healthy, and gained... 35lbs. Didn't really make a huge difference in the end!

  5. I agree with the comments above.

    Amy, first and foremost, LOVE your pregnant body. Quite honestly, I have never thought I was so beautiful as when my body was blossoming with Cameron. This will probably get easier once you can really start to look pregnant. But it really is the most womanly you will ever look. There is nothing more feminine looking, nothing more nurturing looking, nothing more motherly looking than being pregnant. So don't focus on your post-baby body or your pre-baby body, focus on your pregnant body and the beauty that it is radiating right now.

    As for afterwards (and remember, don't worry about that), your'e right, your body will never be the same. It will be different and new and will have different functions. But, you've been saying how impressed you are with me. I am way smaller than I was before Cam. Sure, like Emily said, I will probably never rock a bikini until I am done having kids and can afford plastic surgery, but I can ROCK some nice clothes - even tight fitting clothes. And again, emphasizing Emily's point, I have never had more motivation to loose weight than since having a baby.

    This is all a journey and all an adventure. Love your body now. Love what your body was. And love what it will do for you and your family.

    (As for eating healthy - until you start feeling better, just eat what you want and what makes you feel good. Once you get past the morning sickness, then focus on the whole grains and the fruits and veggies and meats!)