Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sad Pandas, Moving, Food, Running, and more Blogging!

Over this past weekend, I was honored with a remarkable title by the world blogging federation.  The nomination was a surprise, but I should have seen it coming, considering my blogging successes in the past.

The award?  Worst Blogger of All Time.

Okay, so that is a lie, but if there we a World Blogging Federation, and if there was an award titled "Worst Blogger of All Time", I sure hope you would all nominate me for it, because you and I both know that I deserve it.

And let me take a moment to divulge my slew of typical excuses: got busy, lost internet after April 1st (and actually still don't have it!), moved to a different city, etc.

But with all these changes has come something that I haven't really been accustomed to over the past 22 years of my life (except maybe in the first ten which I don't happen to remember all that clearly) - free time.

As I mentioned, my husband and I just went through a move.  Dave started a new job in Miramichi on April 4, 2011 but I continued my job in Moncton up until April 29th, so I just made the move last Friday.  But now that I have moved, I no longer have a job (anyone in Miramichi hiring?!), and I no longer have school, and despite a few commitments that have me travelling back and forth between the two cities for the next few weeks, I am pretty much finishing all of my volunteer responsibilities as well.

Not my photo - but this is the welcome to Miramichi sign!

And because of all this free time, I have made some goals for myself in Miramichi, and I would appreciate it if you all would help keep me accountable to these goals.

They are as follows:

1) Start Running

Again, not my photo.  I'll take a picture of my shoes when I get my own - promise!  But I won't be running through a waterfall or anything, I also promise you that - I guarantee it would not look good like this ad!

I have tried this before, but I am not the greatest runner in all of history.  My issues stem from the following things:
a) I have an extremely wide foot ('D' width), coupled with a very high instep, and a high arch.  This equals a disaster for trying to find shoes that have fit me.  I have known to wear shoes that are a 9.5 when I am really measured at a 7 because they are the only ones that will fit my foot width. This problem has caused my next running issue:
b) shin splints.  I get them a lot, and boy are they painful, and they definitely do not encourage me to keep running!
c)I am out of shape, and running is hard work!  I don't know if you have ever tried it, or maybe you are someone like my husband who could stop running for 18,000 years and pick it up the next day like nothing ever happened.  This is most definitely not me - if I can run for 1 minute straight when I start again, I will be lucky.

But I want to get in shape, I need to get in shape.  I want to feel good about myself, and I am sick of being outdone athletically by my husband - I'd much rather whip his butt in a race than vis versa.

So, I am buying a new pair of Asics Nimbus 12's (despite the lack of prettyness - but my husingband the shoe expert convinced me).  And as soon as I can get those, I am getting back into it.  I promise.  (Keep me to it, puhlease!).

I wanna be fit, y'all.

2) Get Out of Debt

I've talked about this before.   But we are so close, friends.  Pretty much we have one credit card left - I can't wait!!!

My goal - which I think is very reachable, is to be out of debt, by our one year anniversary (August 21, 2011).  I'll also keep you updated on that.

3) Eat at Home

I am sick of fast food.  And I literally mean that.  Thinking about fast food kind of makes me want to throw up (sorry for that mental image).  So I am going to be trying to make lots more at home - bread, condiments, tomato sauces, dips, etc.  I will be updating you on this on my brand new blog titled: The Rookie Wife Eats.  The Blog will cover food I have tried to make, whether it is successful or not.  It may also cover food I eat elsewhere if I really love it.  Please follow my blog and check it out!  Look for the first post to be posted tomorrow - Friday, May 6th!

This cooking at home plan has a lot to do with trying to be more healthy, I like to know what is in my food, and I tend to feel better about it when I am cooking it myself.

(I also love cooking!)

4) Get to know Miramichi

I was challenged last week (thanks Tara!) to make a blog about my time in Miramichi.  I was asked to find the following things about the Chi:

a) Where can you buy used books?
b) Where can you buy good coffee/tea?
c) Where can you walk/drive to when you need to get away from your own place?
d) Who has the best take-out?
e) What are the locals crazy about?

So I am going to try to figure these things out, and then I am going to blog about them and all sorts of other things I have found in Miramichi.  Check out my The Rookie Wife in Smallville blog - follow, and leave some love!  And if you are from Miramichi give me some good leads of things in the area to check out!   I will be posting my first blogpost on that site tomorrow (Friday, May 6th) as well so keep your eye out for it.

I have some other goals as well, but these are my primary ones, so please help keep me accountable and check out my two new blogs!!! The Rookie Wife Eats, and The Rookie Wife in Smallville!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hey-o. Good for you! Wondering if you might want to actually start using wordpress instead of blogger - that way all three blogs can be in the same place just with different headers. Let me know if you would like me to help you switch over. I could even see about getting you a .com address.

    And good luck! You really have to be determined to keep up 3 blogs. I can't do it. As a hint, I like to write my blogs the day before and have the scheduled for the next day (or write a few in a day and spread them out) so that I'm not rushing around during the day trying to get a blog up before an ungodly hour.

    Finally, I sent you a link to the Couch to 5k program. Might help you start running! Good for you for all of this! Proud of you!

  2. I should say, don't start wordpress without talking to me, if you want to do it. The way to do it isn't as straightforward as you would think going to the website.

  3. Hey good for you! Lily & I are both from the Miramichi. I hope you'll like it there.

    There are some good folks at the Newcastle Baptist Church who will make you welcome. If I can be of any help let me know.

  4. I am def. with you on the running!! We should start working out together since we both live in Miramichi :)